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Access Control

Primebeam" Provides A Highly Secure Biometric & Cards Based Access Control System Designed To Protect Access To Secure Areas Or Restricted Zones In A Building. Primebeam" Security Turnkey Solutions Comprise Hardware And Custom-tailored Systems To Efficiently Control Secure Access Of Persons, Cars, Trucks And Heavy Machinery To Building Sites, Offices, Warehouses, Parking Lots And Other Facilities. All Products Are Backed Up By Our Excellent Customer Service.

Access Control Is Very Much Site Specific, There Is No Common Off- The-shelf Access System That Will Meet Every Need. It Is Essential That Before Installing A System All Considerations Are Taken Into Account And Designed Accordingly.

Our Security Consultant Will Inspect Your Premises And Discuss Your Needs With You, Then Recommend The Ideal Method Of Access Control. Our Consultant Will Ensure The Recommendation Will Be Compatible With Existing Working Practices And With Emergency Procedures, For Example Evacuation Of Premises In The Event Of A Fire. Access Control Systems Can Function As Stand-alone Or Through An Online Networked Pc Based System That Provides The User With Flexibility To Restrict The Access Of Individuals To Certain Areas Of A Site, Create Reports On Staff Attendance Times And Generally Monitor Activities Throughout The Controlled Area.